Venus Sculpture

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A beautiful ode to Mother Venus, these sculptures are based off of the Venus of Willendorf. An Austrian piece of art that dates back to 25,000 BC and known to be one of the first found pieces of art.

I fell in love with this piece when I was 15 and a freshman in high school. She was the main reason I wanted to pursue art. My attachment to what she represents has spanned over the course of several years. I have made many iterations of art in dedication to her and myself. She was the beginning.

These pieces are based off of the one I created in college as they are hand poured molds made out of hydrocal plaster and embelleshed in rhinestones. 

Each piece comes with a laminated card that says "VENUS May this divine mother bring you good fortune, fertility, divine femininity, goddess energy, and a celebration of self. [Let it be known that we should all be celebrated for the matriarchal moments in each of our collective souls.] My wish is that this piece remains a small memento of encouragement throughout your individual journey. Look to her for guidance, assistance, and most importantly - inner light. Remember to hold yourselves as she has always held us. *an ode to Venus, Mother Nature, and Mama Moon.

All are numbered and those numbers are listed on the special edition card.