Pet Portraits!

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It's that time of year again! PET PORTRAITS ARE HERE!

Each portrait is custom made to look like the pet of your choosing. Hand drawn, cut, sanded, and painted by Alecia Vera.

Made from wood and backed with a heavy duty magnets along with a loop to hang from the tree or on the wall. Measures between around 5 inches tall, width varies with additional pets. 

These custom pieces are great for holiday gifts, commemorating loved ones that have passed, or just cute original family photo's of your fur babies.

*100.00 for each pet - ADDITIONAL $20 FOR EACH PET ADDED ONTO THE SAME PIECE. IF YOU WANT SEPARATE PETS ON SEPARATE PIECES, YOU'LL NEED TO PURCHASE SEPARATELY! This fee will be discussed in email after purchase. Thank you for understanding! I hope that clarifies some!

*After you purchase, I will email you regarding all the details and photos of your pets so be sure to include your email!