Betty Go-Arounds!

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A unique and refreshing take on the "boring" Lazy Susans of your past. 

A variety of colors, sizes, patterns, for your own excitement. Each one is made from birch plywood, cut out, sanded, filled, painted, and covered in a sealant. All shapes, top and bottom, are one-of-a-kind squiggle shapes created with the most care.

Use them in the kitchen, on your coffee table, or in an ~aesthetic corner~ for proper trinket adornment (my favorite use) 


Blue Green Dot: 15x15 in

Teal Rainbow Spots: 16.5x14 in

Pink Orange Cow: 16.5x14 in

Purple Blue Stripe: 14.5x14.5

Black Grey Dots: 13.5x12.5 in

Pink Yellow Checkers: 13x13 in

Pink Glitter: 14.5x14.5 in

Blue Brown Cow: 14x11 in

Grafitti Spots: 15x15 in